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Welcome to the arcade Challenge Page (BETA)
Challenge leaderboard

7 Win\s
Pos 1 Pos TasosPetr

6 Win\s
Pos 2 Pos 
5 Win\s
Pos 3 Pos siriusdave

How Challenges work:
  1. To play in a challenge be sure you've "Joined" that challenge first, by clicking the "join" link.
  2. Not all arcade challenges are open to all, the creator of the challenge can decide to "lock" the challenge and only invite some users.
  3. Some challenges are free, some have entry fees with a winning pot, this is decided by the creator of the challenge. The challenges with fees and winning pots ,60% for the winner, 30% second place,10% for third and the fees will be taken from you sirusstars on joining the challenge.
  4. Play as often as u like, then at the closing time, points for each game are awarded, 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, etc - then the person with the highest total from all of the games in that challenge wins.
Open a new Challenge:
  1. Open a challenge by clicking the link below.
  2. Enter challenge Name,Duration.
  3. Then pick your game (up to 5 Games)
  4. Decide to lock the challenge or not (if locking you can choose up to 10 user to invite).
  5. Pick your entry amount (leave blank for free) ,this will come stay off you total and added to the challenge pot , this will be refunded if no one joins before the end date.
  6. Click Open Challenge and thats it, Enjoy!
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